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Special Topic, Part I – Rehabilitation after Lyme Borreliosis Complex

with Dr. Brad Ralston

Indiana Lyme Support Group

Infected tissue can’t heal. But after Lyme disease is beaten down, there is hope. Health can return.

Anyone who has experienced chronic Lyme disease and its associated infections can attest to the devastating emotional, cognitive, muscular/skeletal, and organ damage caused by Lyme. After years of treatment, everyone needs hope that the body can heal. ILC is responding to the many requests for testimonies of therapies that have helped individuals address cognitive dysfunction, nerve/soft tissue damage, vision and hearing sensitivity, and emotional trauma.

Saturday (in the video): explore various therapies that have helped many former Lyme patients get back their life. This is part one of a three part series with local practitioners addressing visual/cognitive rehabilitation as well as regenerative nerve/soft tissue injury treatments.

LaPorte County – Free blood draw for Igenex Lyme test on Fridays, by appointment.

Jodi Smith – The Plateology Team – Chief Medical Nutritionist, working with hundreds of Lyme patients. Phone consults.


Jodi Smith,, has been a practicing nutritionist for the past 35 years. She is the author of “A Gift of Health” and the video series “Steps to Better Health.” Jodi was the chef/nutritionist for the television show “Mastering your Health” and has appeared on numerous television shows and radio programs locally, as well as nationally. Jodi hosted “Jodi’s Cupboard” heard on WBRI and WXIR for 25 years and was seen on WHMB TV 40 on her show “Steps to Better Health”.

Jodi is the former Food Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, and was the Nutritionist for Mr. D’s Food Markets for 13 years. She teaches numerous cooking classes and has helped manage and create menus at health conscious restaurants. Jodi has a large private practice, providing nutritional advice and dietary modification; with many of her patients referred by MD’s and other practitioners from around the country. She also serves as the nutritional consultant for the Wellness Community (a cancer support system) and Georgetown Market, a local health food and wellness store in Indianapolis.

Fruit Pizza- Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free
Fruit Pizza- Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free

Mrs. Smith is a sought after seminar presenter and has been a guest speaker for numerous groups including Butler University School of Pharmacy, International Organization of Pharmacists, The American Academy of Chiropractic, Indianapolis School of Nursing, PSI Corporation, CircleK Corporation, RCI, American Autism Foundation, Purdue University, and Indiana University. She has also taught at many local churches and special interest groups around the community. She served for 15 years on the Crook Foundation with Dr. William Crook, MD. She has contributed to numerous local and national publications.

Jodi resides west of Indianapolis with her husband Dan and family where they raise naturally grown beef and farm organically. She is the mother of 5 children ranging from 17 to 35 and the grandmother of 5.


Watch Jodi Smith on how food can fight disease and increase the immune system